Intraday scalping for April 08 2019

Gold 30-min chart

Take a look at the Gold 30-min chart structure: 

  • Price has been in a sideways trading range 
  • The harmonic pattern AB=CD on the left made a low at 1285
  • The harmonic Butterfly Pattern in the middle made a low at 1281 
  • The harmonic pattern on the right AB = CD is supposed to complete at 1298 

Gold 30-min chart indicators: 

  • There is a divergence on MACD Histogram 
  • There is a divergence on RSI  
  • We look left for resistance around 1298-1299, which is a sell level
  • We look left for support around 1293-1294, which is a buy level (take-profit) 

We set our stop loss above 1300 


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